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Solar Field Development & Inspections


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Dunn Construction Analysts offers you over 35 years in the development

and review of Commercial Projects.   

In recent years projects have become increasingly diverse and complex.

These projects face an array of financial, regulatory, and environmental

challenges that must be addressed.

In response, companies are relying more on qualified Independent

Consultants to provide an assessment of all field operations which directly

assist Corporate Project Managers in determining the project is on track

and schedule.

If your lending agreement requires Independent Construction Analysts to review your projects, we offer the resources and qualified personnel to meet your financial institution requirements. We will ensure you are on track for delivering a safe and reliable asset.

With comprehensive field monitoring and detailed reporting, Dunn Construction Analysts provides lenders and investors with the information needed for periodic construction disbursements.

One of the fastest-growing industries we oversee is the Commercial Solar Industry.



Bess Containers by CEN Solutions, Samsung SDI Smart Batteries

systems 2-12 MW’s BATTMON & BATTIN E2 & E3 Lithium-Ion Batteries

Software Programming & Commissioning

• Working with Central inverter manufacturers: GP Tech, Power

Electronics Freesun

• Commissioning and Witness testing with National Grid,

Eversource, Orange and Rockland Utilities

• Complete testing & Commissioning of all Auxiliary systems required in

CEN Solution BESS

Containers HVAC’s, Honeywell Fire protection and agent release,Eaton

UPS’s,PLC’s Commstat 4 HVAC controllers, Raspberry Pi Interface,

MOXA fiber switches

• Working with AMPT Optimizers for use with GP

Tech Central Inverters

• Inspecting Terra Smart Racking systems for

structural and electrical completeness.

• Inspecting MV Interconnection underground and overhead with GOAB’s Reclosers, Metering Pot’s (Potential and current transformers) with proper grounding methods.

• Testing TriMark DAS and SCADA controls for use with GP Tech Inverter and CEN solution BESS Containers using Vantage Database management software

• Samsung SDI battery corrective action for battery faults such as Cell Imbalance, Module Imbalance, String Imbalance, and Rack Imbalance.

• ComRent Load Bank Inverter testing DC/ AC performance testing.

• Consulting and working with EPC contractors such as Pro-Tech and Borrego Solar

• Consulting and working with Electrical contractors such as Mass Electric Construction, Commonwealth Electrical Technologies, Professional Electrical Contractor(PEC) Swan Contractors, ELM Electric and Hewitt Young Electric. • Using GP Tech Ampts web browser to charge and discharge BESS Container Samsung batteries and perform load testing simulation on solar arrays.

• Inspecting, testing and commissioning revenue metering such as Electro Industries, Shark 100 and Satec PQM power quality monitoring meter used with GP Tech central inverters.

All reports filed on behalf of our clients are held in the strictest confidence.


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