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Commercial Construction Development

Serving the North East


Dunn Construction Analysts offers you over 30 years in the development and review of Commercial Power projects.

Over the years we have overseen over 100 solar commercial sites ranging in size from 1 MW to 80 MW varying in configuration and locations. Constructed on government building, airports, DPW parking facilities, landfills, and ground mount tracking systems.

During that time, we have reviewed each site in detail and filed countless confidential reports to help ensure our clients have always remained fully informed and on schedule. When needed we have stepped in to get those we represent the added labor, subs or materials that are difficult to procure.


When performing our inspections, we look at every detail as the job progresses.

This would include but not limited to.

Civil, OSHA compliance, SWPPP, rebar placement & offsets, structural integrity of the array’s configuration.

Electrical completeness of transformers, grounding reactors, reclosures, inverters, Scada, DAS, optimizers, DC to DC disconnects, Bess containers, grounding rings, Goabs, & more.  

Commissioning & Testing

  • Software Programming & Commissioning of energy storage system (BESS) containers.

  • Megger & Witness testing review.

  • ComRent Load Bank Inverter testing DC/ AC performance testing.

  • Testing SCADA & DAS

  • Ampts web browser to charge and discharge BESS Container Samsung batteries and perform load testing simulation on solar arrays.

  • Inspecting, testing and commissioning revenue metering such as Electro Industries, Shark 100 and Satec PQM power quality monitoring meter used with GP Tech central inverters.

  • Just some of the Companies we are proud to have a long-standing & trusting relationship with are as follows.

  • AES, DSD Renewables, Solar Liberty, Fluence, CEN, Tesla, Siemens, GP Tech, Power Electronics Borrego, Pro-Tech, Terra Smart, Solar Liberty, Dynamic, Verizon, Bluewave, Soltec, , Mass Electric, Commonwealth Electric and more.

To learn more about how Dunn Construction Analysts Inc. may help you call or email us. Where there when you need us!

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